We give parents the hope, encouragement, and connections they need to create a better future for their kids and end the cycle of displacement. Through our emergency housing, housing opportunities, and stabilization services, we continue to help families build a stronger future.

Because Every Child Deserves A Home


This Lent, we need no reminder that others are suffering in the world. In a season that calls us to reflect inwardly, pray for peace, and do acts of good, we at Family Promise of Greene County have the opportunity to think back on all that has happened here in the past year, and want to express our gratitude to you.

We are grateful that supporters like you have enabled us to serve local homeless families throughout the years. We are grateful for the lives who have found resources, meaning and hope at FPGC. And we are grateful that displaced families have a place to call home this Easter, so we can all celebrate the promise of a new season.

We are also grateful for a generous donor who has agreed to match one dollar for every dollar donated, up to $5,000, for our Lenten Appeal.

We want to continue our mission. Your support is the only way we can!

Help for Homeless Families in Greene County


To help families experiencing homelessness and low-income families achieve sustainable independence through a community-based response.​

At Family Promise, we are passionate about working together to create a stronger community.  One that embraces people for who they are, for what they’ve overcome and for who they want to be.

Because Every Child Deserves A Home

It’s our goal to move a displaced family to permanent housing as quickly as possible. It’s always a big deal when a family receives the keys to their home because it symbolizes a fresh start, new beginnings and a family ready to soar. We want a family that finds themselves without a home to live in a place they are proud to call home, a place where they can set roots, a place where they can thrive. Together, we are ending homelessness one family at a time.






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