Since 1995, Family Promise of Greene County (formerly IHN of Greene County) has been helping homeless families through emergency shelter, support and a community of care.  

Our History

Family Promise of Greene County (FPGC) started hosting homeless families in The Schneider House of Hope in 2010, but we have been working with families through a community of congregations since 1995!  As an affiliate of Family Promise, Inc. – a national movement involving more than 200,000 volunteers which served over 177,000 people in 2020 – FPGC (formerly IHN of Greene County) has a vision for a community in which every family has a home, a livelihood and a chance to build a better future.

The Beginning

We opened our doors at 137 N. Detroit St. in Xenia in January 1995 with only a Day Center at this address and participating churches in Greene and Montgomery Counties provide overnight sleeping facilities and meals.

In 1996, the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greene County provided 1,500 bed-nights of shelter and served approximately 4,000 meals.

Growth and a Future Home

During 2000, we served 13 families. There were 33 people in the network, 8 of those were children under the age of 5, 18 children under the age of 18. We provided 1,975 bed-nights of shelter, and served 5,925 meals. Of the 13 families who benefited from our network, we provided training to 9 and helped find employment for 9, and 12 are now in permanent housing.

In October of 2002 Brad and Eric Montgomery of Montgomery Insurance and Investments donated the old Francis Inn building located at 124 S. Detroit St. to the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Greene County. In 2003 we started the major renovation to the building using volunteer workers and donated funds for the renovation process to convert it into a facility to house our homeless families in the second floor and provide office space for our staff on the first floor.

Statistics Through The Years

Moving Into Our New Home

On June 27, 2010 we started hosting our homeless families in the newly renovated facilities at 124 S. Detroit St. and on 1 August 2010 we held our Dedication Ceremony, Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Open House with a free spaghetti dinner. The participating churches and supporting organizations continue to be active by taking weekly turns to provide meals in the new facilities, now called The Schneider House of Hope. This eliminated the daily shuttle to and from hosting churches. In The Schneider House of Hope we are now able to house 10 families or 24 people at one time. This is an increase from four families and 14 people. By eliminating the daily travel between the Day Center and the churches and providing a more stable environment we have greatly reduced the trauma of continual change for the smaller children.

We Get A New Name

The national Interfaith Hospitality Network rebranded itself many years ago to Family Promise to reflect its larger mission of helping families through preventing homelessness, providing shelter and offering stabilization services to families. While still an affiliate of Family Promise, our local organization opted to remain branded as Interfaith Hospitality Network at the time.

However, in 2021, we made the decision to officially change our name to Family Promise of Greene County to better affiliate with and take advantage of the many resources that Family Promise National has to offer including the following

  • Resources for embracing a broader mission to include homelessness prevention and family stabilization;
  • Access to strategic partnerships with national businesses and organizations;
  • Increased community recognition through national advocacy, public relations and news media coverage

Our commitment to our core program of providing shelter at the Schneider House of Hope remains strong. We continue to provide shelter and supportive services for children and their families who are experiencing displacement and count on the generosity and service of the members of our community to continue this work.